UMC- University of Arizona

Monday, October 31, 2011

UMC- University Medical Center, University of Arizona

JACKPOT! I hit the motherload of hope today! I was told by my family and support group that the UMC has an extensive chronic pancreatitis center and also has some world renowned surgeons doing TP-AIT. They were trained in Minnesota by THE DR. SUTHERLAND and I am excited. I called the number on the website and wa laaaa! I spoke to the most wonderful lady named Renee for about an HOUR! Yes, she took an hour to speak to me. She wanted to know my medical history from day one of pancreatitis. I told her about Mayo and the doctors “no hope” attitude and the “afraid of pain meds” mentality. She said it made her so mad to hear but she said she understood why there is a huge lack of knowledge. She told me 80,000 people in the US have chronic pancreatitis. There are around 313,000,000 living in the US. She actually helped me have more tolerance for the Mayo even though I was fuming! She told me that she felt sorry for me because I was 25 and probably even more misunderstood than some of the older patients. After giving her my entire medical history she said that based on what I have told her she thinks I will be asked to come in for a 3 day work up. Before this, I will be given a new GI doctor that works out of Phoenix. I can have him be my doctor even if I don’t end up doing the TP-AIT. WOO! She told me he will never miscalculate or judge my symptoms and that he has devoted his career to my disease! What a relief. I am just excited to get a new doctor who understands. She also told me that my pain is mismanaged. She explained that mismanaged pain can cause stress on your body and can physically exhaust a person. It is really bad for your health. She told me narcotics are addictive, but that patient comfort far surpasses fear of addiction. Hopefully, if I can get the panaceas out I won’t need to worry about long term narcotic use! This woman understood the agony of my back and stomach. She is referring me to a pain clinic to get my pain under control and my first appointment with UMC is Nov. 18th. What a blessing. 

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