Sunday, October 23, 2011

My illness has changed the way I think, but it has not changed me. Perspective, I believe, is created based on life experiences. Some go through the loss of a newborn baby, infertility,  the loss of a spouse, falling in love, marriage, and for some maybe it is betrayal or divorce. Whatever it may be, it changes your perspective. It makes you less selfish, more selfish, happier, sadder, excited, more understanding. For me CP has made me less judgmental. I like to think of how I would feel in someone else’s shoes. I try to leave the judging to the man upstairs, because you don’t know what it is like to be someone else. Someone else may have an abortion, may cheat, marry the wrong man, want a baby, hate a person, be a drug addict...whatever it may be I am not them and I don’t know how it feels. I think this has come from feeling judged. I feel like the “alcohol abuse” stigma that is associated with CP is so hurtful, even when I google CP and it is the first thing I see. Such a bummer, one I want to change, and will work all my life to change. Oh yea, you heard me, all my life. 

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