Sunday, October 23, 2011

This girl is tired of the BUM!

What does chronic pancreatitis feel like?
Pancreatitis pain for me can best be described as someone holding on as tight as they can to the pancreas with their fist and not letting go. The pain radiates to the back and feels the same there. I watched a news segment on a little boy who had TP-AIT. He told the newscaster it felt like wrestler guys punching him in the stomach. Very cute way to put it! Yes, it does and also like you are bruised in the ribs. Laying flat is not possible because that makes the bruising feel worse. Curling up in a ball doesn’t help, heating packs offer little relief, hot baths help in the moment...Eventually when all else has failed me I go to the ER. My GI doctor once told me that CP feels a lot like pancreatic cancer. It presents itself with the same symptoms because the pancreas is slowly dying.

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