Thanking God, the Man Upstairs

Sunday, October 23, 2011

I am a Catholic. Even though I am not a very good Catholic these days, I am a Catholic and I love being a Catholic. I am a Christian who believes that Jesus Christ died for my sins. I believe that Mary is the mother of Jesus and she is the mother who will help me. Mothers always give their children what they want (much love to my little Italian grandmother and my mom whom always shared this with me). Mary always listens to my silly wants and my important wants. I ask her to pray with me and speak to God every time I face a challenge with CP. I have learned to thank God more often for the good things in life. I hear people talk about “spiritual journeys” and I know mine is just beginning. I am not all the way where I want to be with this, and I am strengthening my faith every day. 
Today I thanked God for:
  • Blessing me with an amazing Mom, Dad, and Brother
  • Allowing me to get through my undergraduate degree without having CP
  • Helping me meet the most caring and compassionate real friends 
  • Allowing me to be in a finically stable family who can help me with medical bills and treatments
  • Allowing me to have fun in life
  • Giving me an outstanding weekend of health and bliss to stand beside a college friend at her wedding
  • Giving me good pain medications to keep me moving through life

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