Doctors who Understand?? Where art thou??

Monday, October 31, 2011

The Quest for Someone who Understands!
This statement above is my mantra when looking for GI doctors. I didn’t listen to people in my support group when speaking about doctors because I thought Mayo had such a good reputation and had to be able to help me. I was right, they do have a good rep, and for good reason. However, they are not on the leader board for pancreatic diseases at all. Unfortunately, they are not even in the top 5. I did not know this until I had already been seen in Minnesota at the Mayo and had started being seen here in Arizona. 
My last appointment with my doctor at Mayo proved to be a really upsetting one! I went in after being in the ER last week for severe CP pain. My lipase didn’t rise because it has started to stay stable even during attacks. All of the literature about CP supports this because it is said that after many attacks the lipase doesn’t need to rise to be having an attack. I also had another MRCP which didn’t show any changes to the pancreas. My GI doctor called me into his office and said, “I don’t mean to sound insensitive, but there is nothing else I can do”. My mom sat right there as he said it. I asked him about the pancreas transplant or the TP-AIT (Where they take out your pancreas and give you a transplant of your own insulin producing cells to put in your liver). He said, “to be honest, I am not familiar with this.” Hmmm. Okay. Time to move on. 
Later that day I called and asked if I could switch doctors and also stated that I was out of Percocet. He said he was afraid to give me pain meds and that I should go to the ER if I was in pain! If that were the case, well then the ER would see me every day!  They told me that the Mayo has a policy about the switch. You can only switch doctors if your current doctor agrees to be removed from your case! WHAT! can only be fired if you agree to being fired. And guess what??? He did NOT agree to me going to someone else. EGO TRIP! If you are in the process of becoming a doc (Vinnie) promise me you will be a good one:-) 

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