Being a Fighter

Sunday, October 23, 2011

For all of us with cranky pankys!

I have had to miss a TON of life during this difficult (almost) three years. However, I pride myself in being a fighter. I don’t think I even knew that I was a “fighter” until a “pancreas friend” from my support group (yep, I love my fellow CP sufferers:-) pointed it out. She told me I was a fighter and so was she. I thought about what that meant a lot after that and this is what I came up with. Either I have way to much time on my hands (doubtful, I am a busy girl) or I am just a heavy thinker. 
Being a Fighter:
Being a fighter means that the first time I had pancreatitis I stayed positive and hopeful that it was a one time thing. I refused to let it change the direction of my life and carried on with my plans for the future. I was going to stay in San Diego and become a teacher. Being a fighter means that I could pull off student teaching, and get an A  (I am bragging!), all while suffering from a CP attack. After being in the hospital for five days, I returned to my first graders the next day and was so happy that I could. Being a fighter means begging the nurses and doctors to get me OUT of the hospital in time to go to my very first interview for a second grade teaching position. They all wished me luck as they took my IV's out and rushed my paperwork along. The nurses even bought me a good luck ladybug from the gift shop. I made it out one hour before, with just enough time to throw on my pretty dress, while my mom sat in her car in the parking lot because I could not drive! Being a fighter means I interviewed intelligently and got the job, even on Dilaudid. Being a fighter means I allowed myself a week long pity party after returning home from a devastating trip to the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota. Not long after I was my happy and smiling self. Being a fighter means refusing to except “I am sorry, there is nothing we can do for you” as an answer and seeking out the best doctors and medical treatment in the country. Most of all, being a fighter means that I make it through each hospitalization and ER visit and look forward to the next “soup of the day”. And for that I am very proud! 

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